Thursday, 3 April 2014

Journey of VV Mineral

V.V. Mineral the country’s leading heavy mineral mining company began its journey in the year 1989, in which it was established. The top management team includes Mr. Vaikundarajan himself who is the Chairman and Managing Director of the company, followed by Mr. S. Jeegathesan, Mr. V. Subramanian and Mr. J Muthurajan. 

Mr. Vaikundarajan had the foresight of starting the export business, and it was due to his enduring   efforts that V V Mineral succeeded in being the only heavy mineral mining company to get access to a 15 Kilometer stretch on lease from the government for a period of 40 years.  

Over the years V V Minerals has grown in every aspect of their business. With various awards and expansion activities, V.V. Mineral not only holds number one position in India, but is on the second position globally for the export of Garnet mining.

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