Tuesday, 22 April 2014

What Is Abrasive Water Jet Cutting

Water Jet Cutting
Abrasive water jet cutting is an important shape cutting technique. Generally, it cuts with superior quality than heat cutting methods and with less cost and quality than electrical discharge machining. The cutting ability of water jet machining can be improved drastically by adding hard and sharp abrasive particles into the water jet.

It is mainly used for paint removal, surface preparation, cleaning, cutting soft materials, cutting frozen meat, in the textile or leather industry. Also it is widely used in Surgery, drilling or even Nuclear Plant dismantling.

The materials that abrasive water jet cutting is best suited can include steel, non ferrous alloys, polymers, concrete, wood, plastics, laminates, glass fibre metal laminates.

An abrasive water jet consists of a regular water jet with an abrasive added into the fluid nozzle. It is used to cut or machine nearly any hard material such as metal, stone, and glass.

Garnet Water Jet Cutting

Some advantages of using abrasive water jet cutting are that it provides a better quality finish in cutting.  Materials cut by the abrasive jet have a smooth, satin-like finish, similar to a fine sandblasted finish. Abrasive jets also abrade material at room temperatures which implies that there are no heat-affected areas.

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