Monday, 29 December 2014

Helping In Preserving Nuclear Gold, VV Mineral

Chairman of VV Minerals, Vaikundarajan believes in protecting the environment for a better future. After the mining process is completed the nuclear gold is returned to the sand which does not lead it to being exported illegally. VV Minerals employ various engineers who are extremely skilled and knowledgeable and under whose guidance all the mining activities are carried out. VV Mineral, Vaikundarajan returns the nuclear gold back to the sands, where it belongs, such that it does not get wrongly used.

VV Mineral performs and conducts all their business activities by following all the government regulations and abiding by the rules. S Vaikundarajan makes sure that he keeps his employees satisfied and also the people of the nearby rural areas by following his CSR initiatives.

VV Minerals has also played a very important role in the development of the mining sector in India by contributing highly towards exports of minerals. Apart from this the company also support a lot of small scale local industries and help in generating employment. A private, heavy mineral mining company, VV Minerals is involved in beach mineral mining. The company procures elements like ilmenite, rutile, zircon and garnet.

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

VV Minerals, India Never Eroding Soil While Conducting Beach Mineral Mining Activities
For a company that started in 1989, VV Minerals, India, has come a long way. The Tamil Nadu based company is a major producer of heavy mineral products which are procured from beach sands. As such, the heavy mineral mining company realise the devastating effect mining can have on the environment.

Over the years, VV Mineral, has always tried to conduct their business in a manner which not only helps people of the state but also practices its business in an eco friendly manner which doesn’t erode the soil. Knowing full well, the effects of mining, the firms approach has been to protect people around the various sites. It also strives to protect the environment by performing activities like water conservation, power generation and afforestation. In many ways, the company aside from reaping economically benefits for both the country and itself is always providing environmental reimbursements for the country.

In the last few months, competitors have been accusing VV Mineral of conducting illegal heavy mineral mining activities. These baseless accusations have been proven to be false and inaccurate as the company doesn’t have the technology to separate thorium from monazite.

VV Mineral conducts beach sand mining for minerals such as rutile, garnet, zircon, and ilmenite.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Reaching New Heights In The Mineral Mining Industry, VV Mineral, Vaikundarajan

Mr. S. Vaikundarajan, came from a family that produced jaggery for a living and in time became one of the finest business men in state of Tamil Nadu. As owner of a heavy mineral mining company VV Mineral located in Tisayanvilai, Mr. S. Vaikundarajan has come a long way.

VV Minerals has become the leading heavy mineral mining company in India, with a market presence in more than 20 countries. Gaining significant share in Europe, US and Australia, VV Mineral, has emerged as one of the top global heavy mineral manufacturer and mining company.

As an individual, Mr. S Vaikundarajan is a gifted man. His foresight about the industry and the vision for his company, has lead him to be one of the big players in the mining industry. His aspirations have made VV Group succeed as a conglomerate, transforming it from a single mining company into corporation that looks into various sectors like food and agro, chemicals and pigments, paints, sugar, cement and many more.

His immense knowledge, in matters regarding legal and statutory aspects of the company, Mr. Vaikundarajan, is recognized for his liasoning skills.

VV Mineral, Mining is currently managed by Mr. Vaikundarajan and his family members such as his son, Mr. V. Subramanian and brother Mr. S. Jegatheesan.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

VV Minerals Chairman Vaikundarajan Is India's Top Exporter Of Industrial Minerals Garnet And Ilmenite
Vaikundarajan, 58, the owner of VV Minerals is a self-made businessman and he built his business with the help of his family from the year 1989. Vaikundarajan is based out of Tisayanvilai town in Tirunelveli district in south Tamil Nadu.Many people who know him say he's comfortable in his shirt-veshti (dhoti) and a humble personality.

His company VV Minerals, India is located in Tisayanvilai as well. He is helped out by his brothers, S. Jegatheesan and J. Muthurajan. His son Mr. V. Subramanian also plays a major role in managing his company VV Mineral, Mining.

There have been speculations of him being involved in an illegal mining scam. However, Vaikundarajan's loyalists believe that business rivals are responsible for such allegations.

Since it’s a public sector undertaking, they have been very cautious about public and the coastal life not being affected. All such allegations against him are not proven in court. And hence, are not true.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

VV Minerals, India Becomes Bags The Export Performance Award

VV Mineral received the  ‘Export Performance Award’ for its Export Performance in Special Economic Zone in VSEZ, Andhra Pradesh. Watch the presentation for more details about other awards won by VV Minerals, India for their export business.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Monday, 27 October 2014

Products Of VV Mineral, Mining- Super Garnet
VV Minerals, India is a leading heavy mineral mining company based in south India. With Tamil Nadu as its headquarters, it is actively managed by  V. Subramanian and S. Vaikundarajan. It’s a family owned business and include other family members as well such as, S Jegatheesan and J Muthurajan. VV Mineral is the top beach mineral mining company of India.

Super Garnet is the prominent brand of VV Mineral, Mining. It is a naturally obtainable mineral which is used as a non metallic abrasive. This mineral is abundantly found on the beaches of the Gulf of Mannar. It’s belongs to the superior gem family which can withstand more cutting speed bu maintain low dust levels at the same time. The crystalline shape gives it an advantage in the fast cutting action as well as ensures longer life span.

VV Minerals seem to have a strong emotional bond to this product especially because it is the best abrasive among the others. With the purity of 99%, Super Garnet is the most accepted brand in Sand Blasting, Water Jet Cutting, Water Filtration, Surface preparation etc.

Supergarnet manufactured by VV Minerals is of the highest quality and is compliant to ISO 11126-10 Standard and SSPC AB-1.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

VV Mineral Conducts A Blood Donation Camp At VV Titanium Pigments Pvt. Ltd. Factory

Blood Donation Camp, VV Mineral
In their ongoing CSR endeavor, VV Minerals conducted a blood donation camp for their employees of VV Titanium Pigments Pvt. Ltd. for the benefit of children. It was conducted in association with Thoothukkudi Government Medical College and Hospital on 14th October 2014.

More than 70 employees of VV Minerals, India donated their blood for this noble cause. This day also marked a celebration for Factory Day at VVTi. The employees of VVTi who participated in the cause are the unsung heroes who have helped in saving many lives through this blood donation camp.

VV Mineral is a privately owned heavy mineral mining company, dealing with Zircon mining, Garnet mining, Ilmenite mining and Rutile mining. It is owned by Subiah Vaikundarajan and managed by his son V. Subramanian.

Other eminent members of top management include J Muthurajan and S. Jegatheesan. The company is based in Tisayanvilai in Tamil Nadu and has achieved great progress in the heavy mineral mining industry. VV Mineral, Vaikundarajan is the top heavy mineral manufacturer and exporter in India, and very soon they strive to be the best in the world.

Monday, 6 October 2014

Vaikundarajan, VV Minerals No. 1 Heavy Mineral Mining Company In India

This video gives information about the current scenario of heavy mineral mining industry in India. It also talks about the top heavy mineral miners and exporters like VV Minerals, owned by S. Vaikundarajan. Read more to get more details.

Monday, 29 September 2014

Police Raids Vaikundarajan’s Office Premises And Finds Nothing At VV Minerals

V V Mineral Mining
VV Minerals, a private mineral mining company’s office premises were raided to find any evidence that would prove that they are into a heavy mineral mining scam.  All those against VV Minerals, Vaikundarajan were surprised to find out that nothing at all was discovered from that raid. On the contrary, all the paperwork and statutory clearances were found to be up to date. This proves that VV Minerals is not only uninvolved in any scam but also, practices its trade and business following the government norms.

There are many rivals of VV Minerals who are jealous of their success and goodwill. They are the ones to have spread the rumors about the thorium scandal in order to malign the public image of VV Minerals. It was a deliberate attempt which failed as VV Minerals was able to prove its innocence in front of the world.  There are a lot of people who have a lot of faith in VV Minerals, Vaikundarajan and their trust in them grew stronger after this incident. Hence, VV Minerals has proved to the world that no one can cause any harm to you till the time you follow the right path.

Monday, 22 September 2014

Illegal beach Mining Case considered Void, No Evidence To Support The FIR Against VV Minerals, Vaikundarajan

VV Minerals, Vaikundarajan
There was a false accusation made against VV minerals, Vaikundarajan alleging them of conducting a thorium scam. An FIR was also filed against them. Following the law and various procedures an investigation was carried out which brought out the real truth. The probe revealed that VV Mineral was not guilty of any illegal activity and all charges made against them turned out to be false. Several raids were also conducted at the office premises of VV Minerals but, there wasn’t any evidence that would prove them to be guilty of a thorium scandal.

This proves that the case was baseless and since there were no evidences to back the FIR the case was considered null and all charges on Vaikundarajan were cleared by the Supreme Court of India. There are rivals who tried to put VV Minerals under the scanner so that their image in the society would be affected. However, things turned out to be in VV Mineral’s favor as they have always abided by the government rules and regulations while carrying out business. S. Vaikundarajan is a very wise man who can never get into such activities which was later confirmed by the Supreme Court. They are a heavy mineral mining company located in Tamil Nadu and are the leading private mining companies by global standards.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

With Supreme Court’s New Judgement There’s No Room For Illegal Sand Mining

V V Mineral Mining
The Supreme Court of India has decided upon a deadline of 28-months for the center and states on issues regarding environmental clearances and mining leases. This is an extremely important judgement coming from the Supreme Court as this will help in bringing about a significant change by ending bureaucratic red-tapisim that many a times companies face who want to continue with their leases.  This decision will ensure that companies like VV Minerals India will which conduct their business with full transparency and sincerity do not get weighed down due to such bureaucracy.

The Supreme Court has also set up a forest bench which will be headed by Justice JS Kehar that will delegate officers duties of dealing with applications at various stages. The Supreme Court is going to be very strict regarding this and has also declared that non-compliance of the court’s directions would make them liable to face contempt charges. This decision has come like a boon to VV Mineral, Vaikundarajan as they do not have to worry anymore about delays in the lease renewal process. S. Vaikundarajan who always follows the government norms and regulations also feels that this will bring about a positive change in the industry.

Friday, 12 September 2014

VV Minerals Strengthening The Roots Of Indian Heavy Mineral Mining Industry

V.V. Minerals
VV Mineral mines minerals like Garnet, Ilmenite, Zircon and Rutile in the southern coast of Tamil Nadu. It is the primary exporter of such minerals from India and accounts for the highest export. VV Minerals has given a new definition to this industry in India altogether as they have conducted their business in a way that has helped it grow in a sustainable manner.  VV mineral, Vaikundarajan has over the years has built a name that people trust because of the high quality goods that they deliver.

All the mining activities are carried out under the scrutiny of the government officials and there is no question of illegal beach mining arising here.  VV Mineral is the largest producer of Garnet in the world. VV Minerals has also adopted all eco-friendly methods of production and S. Vaikundarajan believes in sustainable development. It is all a result of Vaikundarajan efforts that VV Mineral has reached a pioneering position and continues to dominate the world market.

Friday, 5 September 2014

Special Efforts Taken By VV Minerals For The Benefit Of Their Employees

VV Mineral
VV Minerals, India is a heavy mineral mining company based in Tamil Nadu and owned a Kanyakumari businessman, Mr. S. Vaikundarajan. They have a huge taskforce to manage their business activities. In order to better facilitate the business growth, a balance between the CSR and profit making activities are necessary. Here are a few initiatives taken up by VV Minerals for their employees:

Tree plantation by VV Mineral Employees on World Environment Day June 5th, to make them aware of the importance of trees

As a part of our CSR activity, we have started free notebook distribution for the academic year 2014 - 2015. Last year we have provided to 16000 school students, whereas this year we have increased the distribution to more than 25000 school students. We have covered more than 200 schools in and around Tuticorin, Thirunelveli, Kanyakumari, Trichy, Perambalur

VV Titanium VVTi organised a two-day Free Eye Check Up Camp from 31 July to 1 August. A set of trained Ophthalmologist/Optometrist from Dr. Agarwal's Eye Hospital conducted this camp at VVTi campus, provided free eye check-up and free medicines by Dr.Sameer.

More than 400 people were positively impacted by this camp

Independence Day celebrations conducted at Dhalakshmi Srinivasan Sugars P Ltd.

These were the highlights of June July and August. In the coming months they are planning to do various other activities for the benefit of their employees.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

False Scam Of Disappearing Thorium Worth 48 Lakh Crore By VV Minerals Makes News

VV Mineral Vaikundarajan
VV Minerals, a private beach mining company is into the mining of minerals like ilmenite, rutile, garnet and zircon. It is an IMS certified company, with established policies and procedures for ensuring quality, environment protection. It is also recognized as “Star Trading House” by Ministry of Commerce. However, they were blamed to carry out illegal export of thorium which was a completely false accusation and led to a probe into the matter. As S. Vaikundarajan has brought the company at such pioneering heights the clutch of awards and accolades is rich testimony that V.V. Mineral adheres to the best global practices in the heavy minerals mining industry.

V.V. Mineral is the first company to receive the ‘Export House’ status for heavy minerals from the Government as well as various chambers of commerce and industry. Thanks to the private companies like VV Mineral, India now has a dominating share in world garnet market. Therefore, accusing a company that has built its name over the years by conducting trade in a fair manner is completely wrong which is why after the investigation the Supreme Court cleared all charges against VV Mineral Vaikundarajan.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

The Mineral Mining Suspended In Tamil Nadu By Jayalalithaa See’s A New Ray Of Hope From Center

VV Mineral J Muthurajan
The investigations concluded at the suspended mineral mining areas of Tamil Nadu that there was no illegal activity recorded in the mining premises of the accused private mineral companies such as VV Mineral.

VV Minerals, owned by Vaikundarajan, was wrongly accused in the illegal beach mining scam. They were said to have exporting Thorium, a claim which was later dismissed by the central government.

Although the mining activities in Tamil Nadu still seem to be suspended, the claim that VV Minerals indulged in illegal thorium is proven false. VV Minerals has been given the green chit by the center. 

Read More At:

VV Minerals, India, is the largest garnet exported in the country, as well as the first private company to export ilmenite. It is a family grown business started by Mr. S Vaikundarajan.

The other eminent members involved in the top management of the company include Mr. J Muthurajan and Mr. V Subramanian, both holding the Managing Directors chair. The company basically deals with Zircon mining, rutile mining, garnet mining and ilmenite mining.

Monday, 11 August 2014

India Should Allow Heavy Mineral Mining To Grow: MEAI

VV Minerals India
In a news article on The Hindu, Justice Kapadia made a point that the judges should make a balanced judgment with regard to environmental concerns and sustainable development. Banning mining activities because a suspected activity of illegal mining is not fair to the thousands unemployed thereafter in the mining areas.

Economic Times carried another article where the mining engineers association of India urged the government to allow private mining companies to carry out Thorium mining. Some eminent members of MEAI believe that there is no logical explanation why private miners are barred from mining thorium.

If the processes are fast tracked and necessary clearances are given to private miners, better development can be achieved in lesser amount of time. Our country has a reserve if 500 Million Tonnes of ilmenite, however the production is a meager 8 lakh tones annually. Same for Zircon, the resource base is estimated to be over 32 Million tones, but production is just 35,000 tonnes.

Companies like VV Mineral, owned by Mr. S. Vaikundarajan, who were falsely accused of being a part of Thorium scam, are still under the ban, even after the central governments have given them a clean chit.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The Federation Declares That Closing Down The Mining Industry Has Procured Losses To 50,000 People

VV Mineral Mining
Following the ban imposed on the heavy mineral mining industry due to allegations of malpractices on over 20 private players, a livelihood of about 50,000 families has said to be distraught.  The federation of beach mineral producer’s association has appealed to the government to lift the ban because since this is a labor intensive industry the ban will not only affect the mining companies but also a lot of local people living in areas where mining is conducted. Besides, this will also hamper the international trade and the buyers might settle for other countries since the supply is cut down from India.

Private mining companies like VV Minerals owned by Mr. S. Vaikundarajan, was accused of being involved in a thorium scam. But after the investigation was complete it was found that the scam was a hoax and it was planted by a group of miners in a personal rivalry with the accused mining companies. 

For More Details On This Story Click The Link: Deccan Chronicle

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Studies Show That No Excess Cancer Risk To People Who Live Near High Natural Background Radiation

VV Minerals India
According to a recent news article in The Hindu, it has been clear that people who live near high natural background radiation in Kerala and Tamil Nadu are not at excess risk of getting cancer. The radioactive mineral found on these beaches is called Monazite. The Coast line of Kerala has the rich monazite content (roughly 2%) whereas rest of the coastline like Orissa, Tamil Nadu, Andra Pradesh only has about (0.1 - 0.3%) which is hardly any.

This mineral is only mined by Government mining agencies in India. The current Monazite mining industry in India is looked after by Indian Rare Earths Limited (IREL). Monazite being the only commercially important rare earth found in India, it has higher value than other minerals such as garnet, zircon and titanium alloys.

VV Mineral, India, a privately owned heavy mineral mining company, based in Tamil Nadu mainly deals with zircon mining, garnet mining, ilmenite mining and rutile mining. In a recent interview with the Managing Director of the company, Mr. Vaikundarajan Subramanian, it was mentioned that private companies like them have the funds and infrastructural assets to better the monazite business in India. Whereas, in another news article featured on Economic Times, it is mentioned that because Indian Government does not allow private players to invest and conduct business in global Monazite industry there is no scope of growth for India. Due to lack of funds from the government the mining company is not able to explore mining expansion plans, whereas, the private mining companies are not allowed to do so, even after having the necessary funds for it.

Now since it is clear that this mineral has no adverse cancer related effects, ideally there should be some amendments in the mining rules and private mining companies should be allowed to explore this field which will not only benefit them but also the state and nations economy.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Need For Support From The Government For Heavy Mineral Mining

VV Mineral Mining
VV Mineral owned by Mr. S. Vaikundarajan is the only mineral producer in India with a successful downstream integration of Titanium Dioxide (Tio2) pigment production. In fact, they are the only mineral producer in the world that makes paint after making the pigment.

It is a pity that Government companies that have the first right over radioactive mineral deposits such as rare earth bearing minerals and monazite, don't have enough funds to move ahead and use them commercially in the global markets. Private players on the other hand who have the capacity to fund and execute such projects are not allowed to deal with this mineral.

If there are considerations are made to allow private players in this sector, India, with so much abundance of natural resources can even bring dominant nations like China down.

The only requirement for this to happen is the right support from the Government to the heavy mineral mining industry and encouragement to private players like VV Minerals India.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

VV Minerals Proved Innocent After Tamil Nadu Government Probe Into Beach Mineral Mining

VV Mineral Mining
In India Tamil Nadu is the chief exporter of heavy minerals as its shores are gifted with a lot of heavy minerals. One among the top companies in Tamil Nadu who is into this business is VV Minerals which is again a private company that does heavy mineral mining business. The Company where S. Vaikundarajan is the chairman has been operating this business for quite some time until there were false accusations of illegal heavy mineral mining activities. This news made its way into the public domain and stirred a thought among the people and the government which led to the government ordering a probe into this matter.

However, all these rumors were rubbished after a report that came from the Indian Bureau of Mines (IBM) along with the department of Geology which stated that the allegations were incorrect and that no evidence as such had been found when the investigation was carried out. This news shut all the speculations that were going around about VV Mineral, mining getting into illegal heavy mineral mining. The report also stated that all the data provided by VV Mineral, Vaikundarajan were correct. Therefore, despite all attempts of V Sundaram to stop VV Minerals from operating in this industry nothing could really come in way of S. Vaikundarajan because he is a man of dignity and honor who will never get into such activities.

Monday, 7 July 2014

Tamil Nadu Holds Monopoly Of Garnet Placer Sands Exports, VV Minerals One Of The Top Company

Tamil Nadu is gifted with abundance of heavy minerals and is also one of the highest exporters of garnet placer sands. VV Minerals, India in Tamil Nadu recently acquired Transworld Granite India Pvt. Ltd. (TGI) which has enabled them to enter the placer sands of Andhra Pradesh in Srikakulam.

“This strengthens the group’s position in the heavy mineral mining market says”, J Muthurajan. Export of Garnet has been under permissible limits and there is no speculation regarding the amount of exports. Garnet is non-toxic, inert and hence environment eco-friendly. According to S. Jegatheesan “More than 95% of garnet produced in the country is exported”. More than 90% of the garnet exported from the country till date is from Tamil Nadu. In India, the domestic consumption of garnet is very limited (less than 5%) and is mainly for manufacture of micronised garnet powder.

S. Vaikundarajan, owner of VV Minerals, believes that these exports will bring revenue to the economy and   VV Mineral, India will contribute greatly towards it.  Srikurmam placer sand deposit is considered to be the best for garnet mining and ilmenite mining and TGI had acquired all statutory clearances from the government. VV Mineral, India is therefore one of the key components in the heavy mineral mining industry.

Friday, 4 July 2014

Vaikundarajan: A Boon To The Society

VV Mineral Mining
S. Vaikundarajan always believes in giving to the society. This is why he is regarded so highly among people. He provides medical facilities to his employees of VV Minerals India, there are canteens where food is made available at subsidised rates for the work force at VV Mineral. He has also built free hospitals for the people living in the close by villages. S. Vaikundarajan is a person who believes in doing and not only saying.

S. Vaikundarajan is the eldest of all his brothers who are also in to the heavy mineral mining business with him. He takes all major decisions when it comes to VV Minerals and the he is the one who takes the group forward in terms of when to invest and where to invest. S. Vaikundarajan is a strategist who is extremely sharp and has taken VV Mineral from a humble start to making it one of the biggest heavy mineral mining company in India and establishing VV Group of Companies, which is into several businesses like Sugar, Cement, Paints, Pigments, Educational Institutions, Textiles, etc. S. Vaikundarajan has always done well for the society even while doing business.

Monday, 30 June 2014

VV Minerals Contribution To The Community In Andhra Pradesh

VV Minerals, Tamil Nadu
VV Minerals, India, is the largest garnet exported in the country, as well as the first private company to export ilmenite. It is a family grown business started by Mr. S Vaikundarajan. They are the leading heavy a mineral mining company in India is VV Minerals. VV Minerals, India is based in Tamil Nadu. They conduct mining activities in the Gulf of Mannar. The minerals that are abundantly found in this area include ilmenite, zircon, rutile and garnet.

After the acquisition of Transworld Granite India in Andhra Pradesh, by VV Minerals they have been actively involved in community service. They have helped in electrification and street lighting in Srinakulam. They also contributed in the laying of the roads in the villages.

VV Minerals has been actively involved in helping in the house construction of the local people.

They are a part of the nonprofit organization ‘SHE’, which is an association for women and people who are physically challenged. VV Minerals, India has also been donating to the village and rural funds.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

The Mining Regulations To Be Renewed Soon

Beach Mineral Mining
The newly elected NDA government is on the verge of preparing a new board for an updated industry-friendly law for the mining sector. This will be done first by scrapping the unpopular policies by the UPA government in 2011 which were not very beneficial to the miners. This bill which was passed in 2011 makes it mandatory for miners to share their profits. The mineral output of the country has been shrinking significantly in the past few years because of ban on mining activities in states like Karnataka Goa, Odisha and Tamil Nadu. In Tamil Nadu, the heavy mineral mining industry has hit a hard blow because of the delay in the investigation processes of the state government.

VV Minerals, the leading beach mineral mining company, which is privately owned by Mr. S. Vaikundarajan  is also one of the private companies that has suffered grave economic losses.

The Mines and Minerals (Development and Regulation) bill of 2011 has lapsed. Hence the government will now look into making a comprehensive amended bill which will benefit both the mining sector as well as the government. The hope is high that justice will be served. 

For More Details Follow The Link:

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

The Life At VV Minerals, India: Rajakumar, Marketing Manager

VV Minerals
I had the opportunity to meet with one of the crucial members of the VV Mineral organizational structure the other day and we began talking about his experience in the company. I was intrigued with his inclination towards this company to him, it was not just the place he works at but also a place he could call his own. 

Mr. Rajakumar, the Marketing Manager at VV Minerals has worked for companies like Tata before, but the best thing he liked about VV Mineral was that it was a family run organization. After working in the company for more than eight years, Mr. Rajakumar has realized that the term family run also applies to the employees because Mr. S. Vaikundarajan, the owner of VV Mineral treats every employee as family. 

He explains, “For every marriage celebrated in their family, free new dress will be given to all the employees. For pongal a bag of rice, sugar, vegetables, cashew nuts, sugar cane etc will be distributed to all the employees” 

He has found family at his workplace and says, “So the title family run business is having a wider view in this organisation and I am proud to be associated with it”

Just like Mr. Rajakumar, VV Minerals has changed many people’s lives in Tamil Nadu.  Mr. S. Vaikundarajan has been successful not only in his business ventures but also in contributing immensely to the society around him.

Friday, 20 June 2014

Development Of Tisayanvilai In Tamil Nadu Because Of VV Minerals

VV Minerals, IndiaTisayanvilai is located in the Tirunelveli district in Tamil Nadu. It is coastal town. Due to its remoteness from the main cities of Tamil Nadu, the development of this town was never largely acclaimed. However, after the establishment of VV Minerals, India, there was a noticeable difference seen in the development of this town.

VV Mineral owned by Mr. S. Vaikundarajan is a privately owned company which deals with heavy mineral mining. They have set up various sanitation facilities in and around the local villages, they have also constructed bus shelters in a few areas. They have also provided employment opportunities to local people, because when the fishing season is off, the locals do not have anything to do. They also give accommodation to people who can afford and are working for the company.

Employees get benefits like free health insurance and education of children. The local people also have access to the public health centre where care is taken to keep the villagers healthy and disease free.

The managing directors of the company, Mr. J. Muthurajan and Mr. Jegatheesan also insist on holding check up camps for the locals, as well as organize recreational and sports events for the locals of Tisayanvilai. 

Friday, 13 June 2014

Free Books Distributed To 200 Schools By V. V. Minerals

 On June 12, 2014, which is celebrated as World Day Against Child Labour, VV Minerals, India owned by Mr. S. Vaikundarajan carried out an initiative to benefit poor school children and workers family living in the area by giving them free notebooks. In order to improve the quality of education of the society and community the management of VV Minerals held camps of free books distribution at various establishments of the company.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Meet Vaikundarajan, The Man Who Was Accused Of a Rs. 96k Crore Mining Scam Is Proven Innocent

VV mineral, Vaikundarajan
Mr. S Vaikundarajan, the owner of  VV Minerals, India, was alleged in a beach mineral mining scam in August last year. However, after a detailed investigation by the Indian Bureau of Mines which is a part of the Ministry of Mines it was found that VV Minerals the largest mining manufacturer and exporter of garnet and ilmenite were innocent. The company’s top management includes Mr. Jegatheesan, Mr. J Muthurajan, and Mr. V Subramanian.

The company deals with zircon mining, garnet mining, ilmenite mining and rutile mining. But they were accused of mining atomic minerals like thorium. Although they were given the green card by the central government according to the Deccan Chronicle article that appeared in December 2013, today they await the supreme court’s order on the ban of heavy mineral mining in Tamil Nadu.

The ban has left about 50,000 local people unemployed in Tamil Nadu. And also, the country has lost a lot of value in forex. The private companies are facing grave losses because of the ban. The hope is high that the ban will be uplifted soon.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Facts About The Ban Of Beach Mineral Mining In Tamil Nadu

V Subramanian
One of the top beach mineral mining companies in India, VV Minerals spoke out about the ban on heavy mineral mining imposed by the Government for almost a year. There was an exclusive interview of the managing partner, Mr. V Subramanian on DD Network, in which he stated that, “The local industry is nearly without job as a result of the ban that was effected in August last year. It has rendered joblessness to around 50,000 people including 15,000 of ours" 

According to him, the country is loosing forex amounting to at least Rs 10,000 crore a year. Beach mining is ‘replenishable’, he said and in the absence of mining, such minerals are being carried away by sea waves and as a result, Sri Lanka, located further down, is reaping rich benefit at the cost of Indian industry.

He also added that the ban on mining is impacting Indian firms' reputation as trusted partners with customers overseas. It is causing an annual loss of around Rs 300 crore to the state exchequer as well. And, The reopening of the mines could attract some few hundred crore of investment in the sector in Tamil Nadu 

VV Mineral is India's largest Mining, Manufacturer and Exporter of Garnet & Ilmenite. At the global level, VVM is poised to rise above the number two position.VVM is the first private Ilmenite Exporter in India.

V.V. Mineral is a family grown business started by Mr. S Vaikundarajan, Founder, Chairman & Managing Director, VV Group.

You can read more about this story at:

Business Standard, The Hindu, Tamil Nadu, The Economic Times, Financial Express.

Friday, 30 May 2014

The Total Value Of Heavy Minerals Mined In India

Heavy Mineral Mining
India being the seventh largest country in the world has a coastline of more than 7000 kilometers. The great Indian peninsula is surrounded by water on all three sides.  This gives India an edge over other countries that have no access to the oceans, for obtaining beach mineral reserves. These beach minerals can be acquired using heavy mineral mining

 One of the leading heavy mineral mining companies in India is VV Minerals. VV Minerals, India is based in Tamil Nadu. They conduct mining activities in the Gulf of Mannar. The minerals that are abundantly found in this area includes, ilmenite, zircon, rutile and garnet.

The largest reserve is of ilmenite, which is as high as 348 million tones. The second largest reserve is of garnet, which are about 107 million tones. Rutile is estimated to be about 18 million tones and zircon is about 21 million tones. Sillimanite is another mineral found abundantly which makes up 130 million tones. Despite such extensive resources, the production to reserve (PRR) in India is a meagre 0.001% which is insignificant compared to countries having similar or even less resources.

VV Minerals, India, is the largest garnet exported in the country, as well as the first private company to export ilmenite. It is a family grown business started by Mr. S Vaikundarajan.

The other eminent members involved in the top management of the company include Mr. J Muthurajan and Mr. V. Subramanian, both holding the Managing Directors chair. The company basically deals with Zircon mining, rutile mining, garnet mining and ilmenite mining.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

VV Mineral Not Guilty In Illegal Mining Scam

VV Mineral
In the Business Standard article published on October 28, 2013, it was clearly stated that the Indian Bureau of Mines which works under the Ministry of Mines took back their claims on VV Minerals, India the private mining company which was alleged for illegally mining atomic minerals in Tamil Nadu.

The joint inspection was conducted and reported in Tirunelveli by the Department of Geology and Mining and the Indian Bureau of Mines where the accused private mining company was based in. It was claimed that VV Minerals the private company owned by Mr. S Vaikudarajan had illegally hoarded and exported monazite worth 1000 crores.

The inspection copy was available to the media which contained signatures of the Assistant Director of Mines and Geology, Assistant Director of Mines and Geology, Deputy Director of Mines and Geology and a few others. It affirmed that “the allegations made by the complainant had wrong motive, were envious and vindictive and far away from the truth”.

The report further said production details furnished by the company from their own mining leases, granted both in patta and government poramboke land in all the three districts, were found to be appropriate.

The Managing Directors of the company include J. Muthurajan, V. Subramanian, S. Jegatheesan and S. Vaikundarajan are proven not guilty in the illegal mining scam. VV Minerals mainly deals with Zircon mining, Garnet mining, Ilmenite mining and Rutile mining.

Friday, 23 May 2014

What Are The Prerequisites Of Heavy Mineral Mining Industry?

Heavy Mineral Mining VV Minerals
The first important requirement in order to conduct heavy mineral mining is a trouble free placer deposit. Some placer deposits tend to be complicated with sophisticated mineral assemblage, which leads to rise in production costs. Another essential aspect needed to be considered to be in the heavy mineral mining business is access to labor. Access to water and cheaper electricity is also essential. The right infrastructure needs to be in place for better business activities.

The grant for mining lease is the most important aspect as without that mining won’t be possible. 17 departments from State and Central Government have to give their consent which typically takes 5 years minimum.

The Gulf of Mannar in Tamil Nadu has abundance in placer deposits of Garnet and Ilmenite. Some of the top companies like VV Minerals are actively involved in heavy mineral mining in Tamil Nadu. V.V Mineral is a family grown business started by Mr. S Vaikundarajan, Founder, Chairman & Managing Director, VV Group. Being India’s biggest mining, manufacturers and exporters of Garnet V.V. Mineral has been awarded as the ‘Number One Garnet Exporters’ of our country. Zircon mining, Rutile mining and Ilmenite mining are some of the other mining activities that VV Minerals engage in.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Challenges Faced By The Heavy Mineral Mining Industry

VV Mineral, India
One of the major challenges that the heavy mineral mining faces is the taxes set by the Government policies. For example a royalty of 3% for Garnet Mining and 2% of other heavy minerals is to be paid up according to the MMDR Act.  The central Government has also imposed 15% and 12.5% excise duty for various heavy minerals. In addition to that, there is 10% excise duty that needs to be fulfilled which is imposed by the Central Government again. Also, the State Government levies Sales Tax, Value Added Tax (VAT) and local cess and local cess surcharge are applicable to heavy mineral manufacturers.

The long process of getting environmental clearances and the CRZ clearances from the Ministry Of Environment And Forest is another hurdle. Even if the land is owned by the manufacturers themselves, the first stage public hearing has to be compulsorily attended. After which it is obligatory to get clearance from more than 17 department / agencies from State and Government departments.

Although difficult and time consuming, these processes are all complied by VV Minerals, India, which is based in Tamil Nadu. They are the country’s leading heavy mineral mining manufacturers and exporters. They rank number one for Garnet export. Also they are the first private company in the country to export ilmenite.

It is a family owned business, established by Mr. S. Vaikundarajan, who is the chairman and managing director of the company. Starting from 1989, in Tamil Nadu, they have now grown to be the leaders in the industry on the global front.

Monday, 19 May 2014

How Does Heavy Mineral Mining Create Alternate Employment For Local People?

Garnet Mining

The length of the coastline of Gulf of Mannar is 223.90 kms which constitutes to about 21% of the state coastline of over 1000 kms. Some people are under an impression that the fishing activities and development of fisheries are affected by the heavy mineral mining of beach sand minerals in the coast of Tuticorin, Tirunelveli and Kanyakumari district of Tamil Nadu.

However, this is not true. In fact, it is the other way round; by conducting heavy mineral mining activity it leads to the development of the local villages. By way of providing alternate employment, the standard of living of the fishermen and their families is upgraded due to additional income of the family and also leisure time could be spent effectively.

Fishing is a seasonal profession which lasts for about 5 months in a year from September to January. The rest of the time 7 months the fisherman are jobless; there is no other way for lucrative employment in the coastal areas. Garnet mineral is abundantly found on the Gulf of Mannar, hence, Garnet mining and processing industries provide ample job opportunities for   the fishermen and their family round the year. This has led to betterment of living conditions and also improved the overall health and lifestyle of the local people.

The leading company that indulges in heavy mineral mining in Tuticorin is VV Mineral, India. They are India’s biggest mining, manufacturers and exporters of Garnet.

They have been awarded as the ‘Number One Garnet Exporters’ of our country. They also undertake Zircon mining, Rutile mining and Ilmenite mining.

Friday, 16 May 2014

Grades Of Ilmenite

The following video contains facts about Grades of Ilmenite and other aspects of ilmenite mining. It also provides information about the largest  Ilmenite manufacturers and exporters in India, like VV Mineral. They are the first private ilmenite exporters of India. VV Minerals India has a huge market share in Europe, Middle East, East Asia, Australia and USA. They are based in Tamil Nadu and the company is owned by Mr. S. Vaikundarajan.

Monday, 12 May 2014

Processes Involved In Beach Mineral Sand Mining

Heavy Mineral Mining

India is rich in various natural resources. Many states in India like Goa, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka are rich in mineral resources. While Goa is known for its ores, Kerala and Tamil Nadu are recognized for the heavy mineral reserves.

The heavy mineral sand mining industry deals with mining of minerals such as Zircon mining, Ilmenite mining, Rutile mining, Garnet and other Titanium dioxide products.  Most people are unaware of the specifics of the heavy mineral mining industry. Here is how heavy minerals are processed.

There are four stages involved in the processing of beach mineral sands. The primary stage involves the separation of silica and the minerals, for this the sand is transported to the pre-concentration plant where there are two streams created, namely, the Garnet-Zircon-Sillimanite stream and Ilmenite and Rutile stream.          

Both streams then are processed independently and Garnet and Ilmenite are separated. The Garnet is further processed in another unit for washing and sizing. After this process it is packed for export. And Ilmenite if further treated in an independent unit to remove all the impurities.

One of the premier companies that indulge in heavy mineral mining of Garnet is V.V. Mineral. They are India’s biggest mining, manufacturers and exporters of Garnet. They have been awarded as the ‘Number One Garnet Exporters’ of our country. They also undertake Zircon mining, Rutile mining and Ilmenite mining.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Is Heavy Mineral Mining An Environmental Concern?

Heavy Mineral Mining
The process of heavy mineral mining begins with extracting mineral rich sand from the sea shores and transporting it to a processing plant. In India this extraction is done manually using hand tools. Although, in heavy mineral mining you need to extract sand from the shores, it does not lead to any depreciation of land, because the sand after the extracting the minerals is transported back to the shores and filled in the places where mining is conducted.

Sustainable methods of mining ensure that there is no environmental harm is caused due to this activity. If the right care is taken, the entire process can be pollution free and cause very less or no harm to the people living near the mining areas. Activities mentioned below can be undertaken in support of environmental sustainability while mining:

• Sprinklers at mining sites minimise the spread of red dust in the atmosphere.

• Reclamation and rehabilitation of dormant mines can be done through afforestation and other techniques.

• Recycled water from mines can be supplied to nearby villages for secondary use.

• Mechanised road sweepers can clean up the surroundings on mining routes.

VV Mineral

VV Mineral, India is an environment-friendly organization which has taken various steps over the years to conserve water through smart usage of water in its operations. Being a water conscious company, VVM does not use fresh water in mining process and does not use chemicals in its concentration plants. Due to its continued efforts, VVM is already saving more than 1.2 million KL water every year. They also use wind mills to generate power. It is family grown business started by Mr. S Vaikundarajan, Chairman of VV Group of companies.

Friday, 25 April 2014

What Is Supergarnet

Super Garnet
Garnet is an abrasive mineral found in the form of sand particles on the surface of sea shores and river banks. The Garnet sand particles are mixed and embedded in the sea shores in the form of placer deposits.  Once they are separated from the normal sand particles they become really useful and economically beneficial sand. Industrially garnet sand can be used in a number of processes, namely, garnet sand blasting, water filtration processes, surface preparations and in abrasive water jets.

Super Garnet is a non - metallic naturally obtainable mineral abrasive mined from the beaches of the Gulf of Mannar. The grains have a unique curved cuboidal form as a result of hundreds of years under wave action. Almandine garnet is the heaviest and hardest of garnets, and can withstand more cutting speed and maintain low dust levels. Super garnet's uniqueness justifies the title "Gem of an Abrasive".

Super Garnet is one of the most preferred abrasive in blasting media. It is some of the highest quality and performing garnet, hence, the name super garnet.

With a purity of 99.5% Super Garnet will offer you the highest performance and low dust. There are a number of grades available in super garnet depending on the desired profile one requires.

One of the premier companies that indulge in heavy mineral mining is V.V. Mineral. V.V Mineral is a family grown business started by Mr. S Vaikundarajan, Founder, Chairman & Managing Director, VV Group. Being India’s biggest mining, manufacturers and exporters of Garnet V.V. Mineral has been awarded as the ‘Number One Garnet Exporters’ of our country. Zircon mining, Rutile mining and Ilmenite mining are some of the other mining activities that VV Minerals engage in.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

What Is Abrasive Water Jet Cutting

Water Jet Cutting
Abrasive water jet cutting is an important shape cutting technique. Generally, it cuts with superior quality than heat cutting methods and with less cost and quality than electrical discharge machining. The cutting ability of water jet machining can be improved drastically by adding hard and sharp abrasive particles into the water jet.

It is mainly used for paint removal, surface preparation, cleaning, cutting soft materials, cutting frozen meat, in the textile or leather industry. Also it is widely used in Surgery, drilling or even Nuclear Plant dismantling.

The materials that abrasive water jet cutting is best suited can include steel, non ferrous alloys, polymers, concrete, wood, plastics, laminates, glass fibre metal laminates.

An abrasive water jet consists of a regular water jet with an abrasive added into the fluid nozzle. It is used to cut or machine nearly any hard material such as metal, stone, and glass.

Garnet Water Jet Cutting

Some advantages of using abrasive water jet cutting are that it provides a better quality finish in cutting.  Materials cut by the abrasive jet have a smooth, satin-like finish, similar to a fine sandblasted finish. Abrasive jets also abrade material at room temperatures which implies that there are no heat-affected areas.

One of the premier companies that indulge in heavy mineral mining is V.V. Mineral. V.V Mineral is a family grown business started by Mr. S Vaikundarajan, Founder, Chairman & Managing Director, VV Group. Being India’s biggest mining, manufacturers and exporters of Garnet V.V. Mineral has been awarded as the ‘Number One Garnet Exporters’ of our country. Zircon mining, Rutile mining and Ilmenite mining are some of the other mining activities that VV Minerals engage in.

Garnet As A Dual Purpose Mineral

Garnet is a semiprecious gemstone, and is highly popular mineral gem stone among women across the world. The word Garnet is derived from its Latin origin, called Granatus, which means ‘like a grain’. Currently, the world's largest supplier of garnet gems is the African continent. Garnet exhibits the highest variety of colour of any mineral, occurring in every color except for blue.

Garnet is not a single mineral, but is the name of a group of six members having different mineralogical compositions but common order of crystallization, hardness, specific gravity etc. In general, they are silicates of aluminium with different proportions of iron, calcium, magnesium, chromium & manganese in the composition giving rise to different varieties.

The use of garnets as a gem or gemstone can be traced to prehistoric times. However, the first industrial use of garnet appears to have been as coated sandpaper manufactured in the United States in the late 1800’s.

Garnet is non-toxic, inert and hence environment friendly.  Almandine garnet is one of the best natural abrasive and is preferred over other natural abrasives like Silica sand, mineral sands and flint.

Garnet's unique grain hardness / toughness guarantees efficiency in blasting and reduce the break-down percentage on impact. About 65% of garnet can be recovered and recycled twice or thrice.

Garnet mining

One of the premier companies that indulge in heavy mineral mining is V.V. Mineral. V.V Mineral is a family grown business started by Mr. S Vaikundarajan, Founder, Chairman & Managing Director, VV Group. Being India’s biggest mining, manufacturers and exporters of Garnet V.V. Mineral has been awarded as the ‘Number One Garnet Exporters’ of our country. Zircon mining, Rutile mining and Ilmenite mining are some of the other mining activities that VV Minerals engage in.

Monday, 21 April 2014

Wind turbines As A Renewable Energy Source

Wind turbines make use of kinetic energy to generate electricity. In earlier times they were mostly used as mechanical devices to turn machinery. Wind turbines can be of mainly two types, one with a vertical axis and other with a horizontal axis. Wind turbines can be used to generate large amounts of electricity in wind farms both onshore and offshore.

Wind has been harnessed for hundreds of years; they have been used for pumping of water or grinding grain. But in the more recent times, windmills can be used for much more beneficial activities such as generating electricity.  They are mostly mounted on towers so as to capture the most amount of energy. Turbines have propeller blades that catch the wind energy and convert it into electricity. 

For utility-scale sources of wind energy, a large number of wind turbines are usually built close together to form a wind plant. Small wind systems also have potential as distributed energy resources. Distributed energy resources refer to a variety of small, modular power-generating technologies that can be combined to improve the operation of the electricity delivery system. 

VV Mineral, a heavy mineral mining company based in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu makes use of wind turbines to generate electricity. They manufacture mineral products from mineral sands of the beach such as Zircon, Rutile and Illmenite and Garnet. 

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

What are the Various Quality Control Checks done at V.V. Mineral

The in-house, self-regulatory and fully equipped quality control department of all the V.V. Mineral establishments is responsible for monitoring of every bag of product manufactured by the company to be of the best quality. All the production or processing centers has one dedicated quality control department that strives for perfection of the product. Every bag is checked at least thrice before it is packed and is ready to be dispatched. The laboratories, both at the plant and warehouse, are fully equipped to make the necessary tests for quality and sieve analysis as per IS standards.

The product is checked according to their grades. V.V. Minerals India deals with Garnet mining, Rutile Mining, Ilmenite mining and Zircon Mining. The quality check begins from the mining and is continued in all the processes including the cleaning, separation, grading and the packaging. The check is to ensure that perfect grain size according to their grades is maintained.  

The Chemical analysis done by a process known as XRF and Sediment Solids are checked using ‘Hack Spectrophotometer’. The Mettler is used to check the conductivity and Moisture content of the product. 

The company’s centralized laboratories at the warehouse not only checks the materials to stated qualities, but also ensures that each shipment is made only when the quality of the materials conforms to required customer specifications for that shipment.