100 Cr Investment By VVTi Pigments

Over the years, the indigenous paints and plastic industry has depended on China, Japan and western countries for exports on titanium dioxide. With the plan of investing in a new plant, VV Minerals sister company VVTi Pigments hopes that the demand of the mineral reduces. VVTi Pigments has invested Rs 100 crore in the plant.

Demand for titanium dioxide in India is about 3,00,000 mtpa, whereas domestic production is at 60,000 mtpa. Ilmenite and rutile sand are also used to produce titanium metal for use in aircraft, spacecraft, motor vehicles, desalination plants and surgical implants.

With this new plant, the indigenous paints and plastic industry could benefits, as it would drops its reliance on exports from China, Japan and western countries. The new plant will cater to the Indian market and could save the industry an estimated foreign exchange savings to the tune of Rs.2500 million per annum.

Other industries related rare earth mining is the heavy mineral mining industry. The key players are VV Mineral in Tamil Nadu owned by S. Vaikundarajan. They mainly deal with Zircon mining, Rutile mining, Garnet mining and Ilmenite mining.

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