Monday, 31 March 2014

Difference Between Heavy Mineral Mining and Sand Mining

Let’s start with defining what heavy mineral mining and sand minings. Before we come to that, we should first understand that heavy minerals are minerals that have a higher density than quartz, a rock-forming soil mineral. 

Heavy minerals are present in all sedimentary form of rocks in the sea, from where they are washed off on the shores and deposited on the sand. Over the years they form layers of minerals mixed in sand on the beach. The process of heavy mineral mining begins with extracting this mineral rich sand and transporting it to a processing plant. 

On the other hand, Sand mining is done for the purpose of extracting sand from the foreshore which can include rivers streams and lakes. Sand is a very useful mineral in expansion of society; it can be used in building concrete, sites, in filling roads, brick-making, glass-making, sand papers, reclamations and many other uses. 

Sand mining is done basically done to acquire sand to use in construction and other purposes. It is the actual removal of sand from the shores. In heavy mineral mining, there is no deterioration of sand from the shores. Because the sand that is extracted from the beach undergoes a lot of washing and separation processes. After, which the sand without minerals is restored back on the mining areas, sometimes even reclaimed with plants and palms. 

VV Mineral India is one such company that has been pioneering in the heavy mineral mining industry for several years. They have been the leading miners, manufacturers and exporters of Garnet in India. They deal with minerals namely, Garnet, Zircon, Illmenite and Rutile.

VV Mineral is based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, and their headquarters is at Tisaiyanvillai.

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