Monday, 14 April 2014

How Heavy Minerals are Bought and Sold

Heavy minerals are found on the beach sands of sea shores. They accumulate on the shores in the form of placer deposits. They are extracted using beach sand mining. The heavy mineral mining process includes the extraction of sand, which is then transported to the separation plants. The sand particles are separated from the mineral content, and the waste sand is then put back in areas from where it was mined. 

The different separated heavy minerals are then packed and transported to dispatch it to different locations. In India, heavy mineral mining takes place mostly in the southern coast of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. V.V. Mineral is one of the leading manufacturers, miners and exporters of heavy minerals. The products are bought in bulk that needs to be exported. 

Just like any other product, demand and supply decides the price or market for the heavy minerals. Each mineral has a different use. Garnet which is an abrasive material has a worldwide market. Ilmenite, titanium feed stock has different buyers. Other minerals like rutile and zircon too have different uses and different market.

V.V. Mineral serves to domestic as well as international market. They have significant market share in Europe, Middle East, East Asia, Australia and USA.

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