Friday, 20 June 2014

Development Of Tisayanvilai In Tamil Nadu Because Of VV Minerals

VV Minerals, IndiaTisayanvilai is located in the Tirunelveli district in Tamil Nadu. It is coastal town. Due to its remoteness from the main cities of Tamil Nadu, the development of this town was never largely acclaimed. However, after the establishment of VV Minerals, India, there was a noticeable difference seen in the development of this town.

VV Mineral owned by Mr. S. Vaikundarajan is a privately owned company which deals with heavy mineral mining. They have set up various sanitation facilities in and around the local villages, they have also constructed bus shelters in a few areas. They have also provided employment opportunities to local people, because when the fishing season is off, the locals do not have anything to do. They also give accommodation to people who can afford and are working for the company.

Employees get benefits like free health insurance and education of children. The local people also have access to the public health centre where care is taken to keep the villagers healthy and disease free.

The managing directors of the company, Mr. J. Muthurajan and Mr. Jegatheesan also insist on holding check up camps for the locals, as well as organize recreational and sports events for the locals of Tisayanvilai. 

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