Tuesday, 16 September 2014

With Supreme Court’s New Judgement There’s No Room For Illegal Sand Mining

V V Mineral Mining
The Supreme Court of India has decided upon a deadline of 28-months for the center and states on issues regarding environmental clearances and mining leases. This is an extremely important judgement coming from the Supreme Court as this will help in bringing about a significant change by ending bureaucratic red-tapisim that many a times companies face who want to continue with their leases.  This decision will ensure that companies like VV Minerals India will which conduct their business with full transparency and sincerity do not get weighed down due to such bureaucracy.

The Supreme Court has also set up a forest bench which will be headed by Justice JS Kehar that will delegate officers duties of dealing with applications at various stages. The Supreme Court is going to be very strict regarding this and has also declared that non-compliance of the court’s directions would make them liable to face contempt charges. This decision has come like a boon to VV Mineral, Vaikundarajan as they do not have to worry anymore about delays in the lease renewal process. S. Vaikundarajan who always follows the government norms and regulations also feels that this will bring about a positive change in the industry.

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