Monday, 22 September 2014

Illegal beach Mining Case considered Void, No Evidence To Support The FIR Against VV Minerals, Vaikundarajan

VV Minerals, Vaikundarajan
There was a false accusation made against VV minerals, Vaikundarajan alleging them of conducting a thorium scam. An FIR was also filed against them. Following the law and various procedures an investigation was carried out which brought out the real truth. The probe revealed that VV Mineral was not guilty of any illegal activity and all charges made against them turned out to be false. Several raids were also conducted at the office premises of VV Minerals but, there wasn’t any evidence that would prove them to be guilty of a thorium scandal.

This proves that the case was baseless and since there were no evidences to back the FIR the case was considered null and all charges on Vaikundarajan were cleared by the Supreme Court of India. There are rivals who tried to put VV Minerals under the scanner so that their image in the society would be affected. However, things turned out to be in VV Mineral’s favor as they have always abided by the government rules and regulations while carrying out business. S. Vaikundarajan is a very wise man who can never get into such activities which was later confirmed by the Supreme Court. They are a heavy mineral mining company located in Tamil Nadu and are the leading private mining companies by global standards.

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