Tuesday, 27 May 2014

VV Mineral Not Guilty In Illegal Mining Scam

VV Mineral
In the Business Standard article published on October 28, 2013, it was clearly stated that the Indian Bureau of Mines which works under the Ministry of Mines took back their claims on VV Minerals, India the private mining company which was alleged for illegally mining atomic minerals in Tamil Nadu.

The joint inspection was conducted and reported in Tirunelveli by the Department of Geology and Mining and the Indian Bureau of Mines where the accused private mining company was based in. It was claimed that VV Minerals the private company owned by Mr. S Vaikudarajan had illegally hoarded and exported monazite worth 1000 crores.

The inspection copy was available to the media which contained signatures of the Assistant Director of Mines and Geology, Assistant Director of Mines and Geology, Deputy Director of Mines and Geology and a few others. It affirmed that “the allegations made by the complainant had wrong motive, were envious and vindictive and far away from the truth”.

The report further said production details furnished by the company from their own mining leases, granted both in patta and government poramboke land in all the three districts, were found to be appropriate.

The Managing Directors of the company include J. Muthurajan, V. Subramanian, S. Jegatheesan and S. Vaikundarajan are proven not guilty in the illegal mining scam. VV Minerals mainly deals with Zircon mining, Garnet mining, Ilmenite mining and Rutile mining.

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