Tuesday, 3 March 2015

We Have Never Refuted The Fact That There’s Nuclear Gold In The Sands Found Along The Tamil Nadu Coast”, Says VV Minerals Vaikundarajan

In recent times the importance of thorium and monazite has come in to the purview of Indian scientists as an effective source to solve the long-standing and fast-approaching energy crisis in the country and across the globe.

When VV Minerals was brought under the radar of Indian Rare Earth Limited (IREL) and Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB) it was alleged that the company is indulging in monazite and thorium separation without the necessary clearances, certification or processes for waste disposal.

However, VV Mineral continued to remain upright on the matter. When a company deals with heavy mineral mining they are bound to apply for all necessary licensing and certificates. As was discovered by the IREL later that VV Mineral has applied for a certificate to the AERB and has received no appropriate response from the authorities.

After which the garnet, ilmenite, rutile and zircon mining company was put in the clear. Even though the governmental bodies claim that VV Mineral India is in the wrong, the company has questioned these alleged conclusions in the Delhi High Court and are positively awaiting a clean chit on the matter.

Since, VV Minerals ensures that waste-disposal is done in an orderly manner and can surely claim that no harm was brought upon the surrounding and its dwellers through their operations.

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