Monday, 9 March 2015

“Our Family Business Feeds Thousands Of Families Which Is An Overlooked Fact” Says Vaikundarajan

 In the recent wake of the illegal beach mining allegations made against VV Minerals and its proprietor Mr. S Vaikundarajan, has created an upheaval across the country. Not just the sand mining baron but even political personalities such as Jaylalitha have been dragged into this mess.

VV Mineral has been mining on the coasts of Tamil Nadu for over 15 years now. It is absolutely improbable that a respectable family of businessmen would overlook necessary details of licensing, issuances, permissions and environmental laws.

The company has paperwork to prove the legality of their practices. They have been working within the parameters of sand mining rules and regulations. While at it, the Vaikundarajan family and their business VV Minerals has been responsible in generating jobs for locals and have been the reason why many families go to sleep well fed, every night.

Vaikundarajan sees these allegations as an effort in maligning his image by his rivals. He is of the strong belief that since he has always remained out of the media glare his rivals saw an opportunity to weave a story of their liking since very little public knowledge exists around Vaikundarajan and his personal life.

Thus, Vaikundarajan would request all to just remember that he is not a cold-minded businessman as is being portrayed but indeed a man of stature and bearing whose endeavour has changed the lives of many.

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