Tuesday, 21 June 2016

VV Mineral Finds Favour In High Court In The Draft Mining Scheme

Indian Bureau of Mines was established to promote systematic and scientific development of mineral resources of the country (both onshore and offshore), through regulatory inspections of the mines, approval of mining plans and environment management plans to ensure minimal adverse impact on environment.

But off late, the Bureau has been facing a lot of heat from the courts, due to its regulatory orders on VV Mineral and another mining company . The dispute is related to the requirements to be fulfilled for submission of a mining scheme, on which the VV Minerals has complied with, while the Bureau said it has not complied with. The draft scheme submitted by VV Minerals, was not allowed by the Bureau, alleging that the companies failed to remove all the defects in the draft scheme, when it was re-submitted in January, 2014.

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