Thursday, 25 February 2016

Blames Of Shoreline Erosion On VV Mineral Mining Baseless
Heavy beach mining activities seem to have taken a toll on the coastal areas like Viapar, a village in Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu. The people of these areas say the waves are reaching closer to their homes by the day.

The minute these statements were in the news, the spotlight moved to VV Minerals and the alleged case of illegal mining filed against the firm. VV Mineral Mining is the largest producer and exporter of ilemnite and garnet and one of the biggest beach mining companies in India.

The former District Collector, Ashish Kumar, had probed into this matter and claimed that VV Minerals was had violated its mining leases. No solid proof against VV Minerals was discovered even after raiding the office of S Vaikundarajan, owner and Managing Director of the firm.

Later, Ashish Kumar’s association with the industry rivals of VV Mineral Mining were discovered and he was controversially transferred.

The representative of VV Minerals strictly denied these allegations and claimed that the "charges made by the former District Collector are baseless, motivated and vague."

VV Minerals dismisses all allegations as a conspiracy by its business rivals.

"VV Minerals owner Vaikundarajan knows every inch of the area and he has recorded large scale illegal mining going on with the connivance of all departmental officials. All functionaries of nodal departments of GOI and nodal mines department in Tamil Nadu have all been singing, dancing and collecting bribes together. Now, with Christmas just a few months away, the bribing would begin," Mr Sundaram claimed in an interview.

"Sundaram is passing this as a cruel joke. He is on the payroll of our business rival. Our hands are clear. We will come out clear from these allegations. Our records are straight," said Ravindram Duraiswami, VV Minerals’ advocate.

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