Wednesday, 27 January 2016

VV Minearl Mining Stays Positive As HC Upholds Mining Ban Against Company
Madras High court upheld its decision made by the state government to ban mining in the South. The government banned mining in August 2013 in respect of two companies involved in the alleged scam.

Petitions were filed by two companies - Transworld Garnet India Private Ltd and VV Mineral Mining, a company represented by its Managing Partner and founder S Vaikundarajan.

The petitions appeared before Justice T Raja who appointed a new inquiry committee headed by retired High Court Judge, Justice Vinod Kumar Sharma, to probe into the matter and reach a fair conclusion.

Furthermore, the orders of the government were held invalid by the judge. In respect to the inspection report submitted by the earlier committee headed by IAS officer Gagandeep Singh Bedi, the judge stated, “They are legally valid and as such the same cannot be disturbed.”

The mining of beach sand has been halted since the orders were issued. Justice Raja concluded that Gagandeeep Singh Bedi was likely to be biased and prejudiced against the companies and should not have been the chairperson of the special committee. He further said that the IAS Officer may have heard the company’s business rivals such as Dhayadevadas but refused to extend the same benefit of personal hearing to companies.

“There is every possibility of the officer getting motivated against the companies,” said the judge in reference to VV Mineral’s complaint to National Human Rights Commission leveling harassment allegations against Bedi in 97-98.

The two writ petitions filed by the beach mining companies are still awaiting a hearing with the Madras High Court. However, the activities have been temporarily suspended until further notice.

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