Thursday, 9 July 2015

“VV Mineral’s Rivals Are The Biggest Threat I Am Facing Right Now”, Says VV Mineral Vaikundarajan
VV Minerals has been brought under the radar after claims were made on their involvement in an alleged illegal beach sand mining scam; post which a barrage of various other allegations have been flung at VV Minerals. Latest in the series is a senior bureaucrat receiving threatening calls and blaming VV Minerals for it.

VV Minerals and its down-to-earth owner S Vaikundarajan have been brought under the scanner after a local Tuticorin collector alleged an illegal beach sand mining scam.

On a request from the Central Government, a probe was issued and the Department of Atomic Energy reported that VV Minerals India is clean and is possibly not involved in the alleged illegal beach sand mining scam.

After which the company was brought under the radar once again and was being held responsible for the shoreline erosions observed in neighboruing coasts.

To make matter worse the company’s mining licenses were ceased and cancelled. The matter was immediately taken to the court of law by Vaikundarajan and they are hopeful that they will come out victorious.

VV Minerals offices have been raided unduly and a large chunk of paperwork is being reported missing by the employees and the owners of the mining giant.

Now VV Minerals and S Vaikundarajan are being held responsible for alleged threat calls that a Tamil Nadu whistleblower has been receiving in relation to the alleged illegal beach sand mining scam.

S Vaikundarajan says, “Our business rivals are leaving no stone unturned to make this blow count and are finding renewed manners in which to defame VV Minerals.”

However he is sure that just as he and VV Minerals have come out clean of the DAE probe they will come out clean out of this mess made by their rivals too.

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