Tuesday, 23 June 2015

VV Minerals Or Vaikundarajan Would Never Support Illegal Heavy Mineral Mining

VV Minerals and its owner S Vaikundarajan are caught in rough waters right now with the claims of their involvement in an allegedly illegal heavy mineral mining scam. However, they are confident that this is part of foul play by the company’s industrial rivals.

Mining has been a profession in India for a while now and part of India’s mining history is VV Minerals’ S Vaikundarajan.

S Vaikundarajan started VV Minerals in Tamil Nadu, India 20 years ago and is now naturally the forerunner of the industry and thus has enough reason to garner jealousy.

Thus as per claims of the industry giant the alleged illegal heavy mineral mining is an attempt of his rivals to harm his business and reputation.

“However, there is no reason for VV Minerals or S Vaikundarajan to involve themselves in illegal heavy mineral mining since they have always been ahead of their times and competitors,” says Vaikundarajan.
VV Minerals was even cleared during the thorough inspection done by the Department of Atomic Energy (DEA) on instructions from the Central Government.

The DEA came back with a report which clearly stated that the company or its premises are not equipped with any machinery that could enable the extraction of thorium.

What’s more, the Central government has now taken charge of the situation since the state bodies are hazy on the black and white rules around mining, if there are any.

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